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Mar. 14th, 2009 10:10 am
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Right.  I feel CRAP today.  I had a lovely, lovely night out last night and I don't regret it, so I can't complain too much about the dehydration and the dodgy belly and the vague feeling that somewhere in the world must be the perfect snackfood that will make the bad feelings go away, so I will content myself with this sentence.  Done! 

Okay, Sam's out with [ profile] twisty_trunk  at the moment but they'll be back in half an hour and when they are I'm going to go back into my bedroom and shut the door behind me for the rest of the morning.  It'll be lovely, but I think I might need to do some LJing because, since my big "I've gone off LJ" whinge the other day, I seem to have my enthusiasm back.  Unfortunately my imagination has failed me today, and this is where I need YOUR HELP...

Someone, PLEASE, tell me what to write about!  Yes,for a limited time only - until about 1pm, in fact - I'm taking requests.  I am feeling confident that I shan't be overwhelmed with them as it's a Saturday morning, traditionally a quiet time on LJ.  In fact, I have a feeling that I'll probably be making this post private and slinking away for the rest of the weekend when nobody requests anything at all,  but in the meantime - WHAT SHALL I WRITE ABOUT??

The floor is open....

(Edit - I've become unreasonably excited about this idea so I'm leaving the offer open for the rest of the day...)

(Oh, and edit the second...a couple of requests have come in, and I'M ALL EXCITED.  New plan...I'm not responding to comments individually (after the ones that have already come in, obviously, because that would be RUDE) cos they'd all be saying, "Thanks, I'll write about that later, I shall collate all of the subjects I'm given into one MEGAPOST later in the day so watch this space..."

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Nicked from[ profile] todayiamadaisy ...

In 2008, lady_mitzi resolves to...
Spend more time with my cbeebies.
Give up trashy magazines.
Tell my family about castles.
Apply for a new husband.
Stop writing with dare2bee.
Cut down to ten expensive cocktails a day.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

There's some good ideas in there.  Spend more time watching toddler TV?  Apply for a new husband?  Cut down to a mere 10 expensive cocktails a day?  Perhaps that last will be my way of beating the credit crunch.  My 11-expensive-cocktails-a-day habit is making it hard to afford the essentials, like say food, or my mortgage...

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This journal is friends only.

In case you're thinking of adding me I have unlocked three boringly representative recent posts, chosen for the accidental theme of "three things on a Thursday", to give you some idea of the level of mindless wittering you can expect from this journal.  I am going to friendslock (nearly) all previous public entries just as soon as I've posted this.

If you want to be added please leave a comment!
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Today is remarkable for me in three ways, one of which I completely forgot.  Have a guess which one slipped my mind:

1) It's Sam's last day at his Special Needs Preschool, the Je*nne S*unders centre.  He's being picked up by bus at 9.15, as usual, but at midday he will receive a big suprise when his mother (that's me!) turns up for his leaving party.  I'll have to spend this morning buying cards and small gifts for his teachers as they've been fanstastic over the last year.  I'm really sad about this actually; it's  the end of an era, and Big School is beckoning.  However, when Sam's last day at mainstream nursery arrives in around six weeks I shall CHEER.

There will be photos from today's party, you can count on it.

2) It's my niece's birthday.  I've forgotten to buy her a card, but I did remember that I'd forgotten and I've already informed my sister [personal profile] winnie07 of my failure.  She should be delivering three big kisses, courtesy of all of us, and preparing her for a late card. :-/

Whenever I think of my niece I remember hearing the news of her birth, right at the end of my first date with R.  Which brings me onto...

3). It's my wedding anniversary today.  R and I have been together for 7 years today, and married for 3. 

I'm sure you've guessed already, but for those who are a little slow of imagination, I forgot all about No 3.  R left for work around 20 minutes ago, and just before he left the penny dropped.  I said "Oh no, I've just's our anniversary today, isn't it?", to which he replied "Oh yes, so it is," and we both looked sheepish for a while.

Oh well.  We had dinner out last week in honour of my birthday AND our anniversary, so it isn't like it hasn't been noted, but still.  We are both a little crap.  Romance is officially dead.
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This morning I'm going to a Parent's Council meeting set up by Am*ze, the local charity who support we poor, hardworking, overstressed special needs parents.  I was recommended to be part of this group by Lizzie, the wonderful woman who helped us with our DLA forms last year, as she thinks I have plenty to say about the issues at hand.  I'm not sure what the issues at hand *are*, let alone whether or not I have anything to say about them.  Still, it's nice to be *in on stuff* and I get a free lunch out of it.  (It's tempting to say, so there IS such a thing after all, but I think I'll wait and see what's expected of me first.)

Yesterday we took Sam to his new school for an hour, and he was FABULOUS.  He sat on his chair while the class teacher, Sandra, sang the register at each child in turn - "Sam is here, Sam is here, where is Sam, Sam is here....", etc.  Then he was taken off to play with a teaching assistant while R and I talked about Sam and his many, many issues to Sandra.  Then all the children came back for a story and a snack, and Sam did some more sitting on his chair WITHOUT RUNNING AWAY.  I was sitting just behind him and he did keep turning around to squeal into my eyeball, and he DID suddenly burst into a rousing rendition of "Old MacDonald Had A Farm" without any provocation, but all in all he was deemed to be a Very Good Boy. 

He was a very crappy boy for the rest of the day though, and he went to sleep within an hour of being put to bed (it's been more like two recently), so he must have been a very tired boy too.  He always gets a bit like this when he's readjusting to a new challenge, and he's visited the school three times in less than a week so he KNOWS something is up - we'll probably have a very tough time with him for the first few weeks of September.  However, he's been holding onto his photo of the front of the school all morning and looking at it happily so I think the transition will go well, overall.

I slept in a very odd position last night and this morning I have a very nasty pain in the neck, and it isn't even Sam.

Edit - The parent forum thing is tomorrow.  I turned up a whole day early.  Now I have nothing to do this morning but make soup for Sam, *yawns*.
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Thanks for all the commiserating comments about yesterday's failed attempt at becoming an Independent Person with Wheels and a License to Use Them.  They were appreciated.  Next time I shall be marvellous, and if any of you want a lift anywhere I'll be the person to ask from that moment on.  I have confidence in that, yes I do.  I am a Good Driver. (Positive thinking, I am fantastic, I can do ANYTHING, ET-bloody-C).

Did I tell you that Sam is now able to name (some of) his body parts?  He points at his mouth and says "MOW".  He points at a place quite close to one of his eyes and says "EYE".  He takes one ear in each hand, pulls them forward and says "EE-YA!".  It's so cute it makes me die.  Expect a video clip of this sure sign of brilliance imminently, just as soon as his stupid mother finally works out how to upload them onto her computer.

I'm feeling tired and deflated today.  I'm going to the Citizens Advice Bureau this afternoon and I'm only allowed to discuss one issue.  I'm not sure whether to focus on my rights as an employee and what to do with them or what benefits I can claim if I decide I can't deal with my job anymore. I'm sure it'll all become clear once I get there.  I should probably get going but I'm finding myself incapable of getting off this chair.
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This morning I sat on the sofa with Sam, watching CBeebies and relaxing, and with my second brain I did a quiz I'd found in a magazine. I feel the need to share this with you, as it's too stupid to be true. Play along with me...

Start with your age....33

1) How much alcohol do you drink?
a) No more than a glass of wine a day (subtract 5 years from your age)
b) None at all (subtract 2 years)
c) More than 14 units a week (add 20 years to your age)

My new age...53

Now this is just stupid. I've just checked an units-in-drinks calculator and found that a standard glass of white wine (175ml) has 2.1units in.  As a comparison, a small double vodka has 1.9 units in.  So if you actually answered a) you'd be over the limit.  Who actually drinks just one of those titchy little glasses a day?  

Most weeks I'll have a couple of days when I don't have a drink at all.  I'll have between two or four days when I have one drink - that's the regular glass of wine, or the double vodka.  And then I'll have one or two days when I'll have quite a bit more. Or I might not.

2) Have you ever smoked?
a) No, never (Subtract 5 years)
b) Yes I did, but I quit  (Add 10 years)
c) Yes ( Add 20 years)

My new age...63

I quit 5 years ago and will never be restarting.  Hmmmppphhhh. 

3) How often do you excerise?
a) At least 3 times a week (Subtract 5 years)
b) A couple of times a week (Subtract 2 years)
c) Once a week or less (Add 5 years)

My new age...61

I take it they mean a proper workout, not just walking.

4) How much sleep do you get at night?
a) 5-8 hours (subtract 5 years) 
b) 8 hours or more (Add 5 years)
c) Regularly less than 5 hours (Add 10 years)

My new age...71

I'm going on what I get when I'm working nights - that's usual for me, and will be again soon. 

5) Confess your suntan secrets
a) My tan comes from a bottle (subtract 5 years)
b) I've used sunbeds (add 4 years)
c) I often tan with minimal protection (add 15 years)

My new age...66

I don't bother with tanning.  I stay out of the sun. 

6) How often do you floss your teeth?
a) Twice a day (subtract 5 years)
b) A few times a week (add 2 years)
c) Never (add 10 years)

My new age...76

I never got in the habit until I was pregnant, and when I had Sam I lost it again pretty quickly - 10 years!!!! What CRAP!

7) How much oily fish do you eat in a week?
a) At least two portions (Subtract 5 years)
b) Four or more (Add 1 year)
c) One portion or less (Add 5 years)

My new age...81

Oh FFS! I like fish, but not THAT much!

8) Who do you share your home with?
a) With a long term partner (subtract 4 years)
b) With friends (Subtract 2 years)
c) Alone (Add 10 years)

My new age...77

9) Describe your stress levels
a) I cope with stress well (subtract 5 years)
b) I sometimes feel stressed (add 5 years)
c) I feel very stressed, most days (Add 20 years)

My new age...82

Who DOESN'T sometimes feel stressed?

10) Do you get five fruit'n'veg a day?
a) Yes, and then some (subtract 5 years)
b) Usually (Add 5 years)
c) Rarely (Add 10 years)

My new age...92

And there you have it.  Apparently I have the body of a 92 year old.  I've met many 92 year olds in my job, and I can honestly say that I believe have strong grounds to appeal.

The results come in three categories - 5 years or more younger, roughly the same age, or five years older or more.  The advice they give to me - surround yourself with family and friends to help you cope with life's stresses and setbacks - may not be quite enough to counteract the effects of extreme old age though.  

I wonder if they have internet access in residential care homes for the elderly? If it all goes quiet from this end you'll know that they don't....

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For those who might be interested I have just posted a few pictures over in flickr ...

And, in other groundbreaking news, a New Years meme.  This is one I've seen around but I've just seen it over at [profile] iamcoldblue's journal so I'm specifically nicking it from him.  The idea is that you post the first sentence or two in your first (non meme) LJ entry for each month of the previous year, and mine goes something like this...

January - It's New Years Day at 00.04 and I'm at work.  I'm not complaining about that (much) because I didn't work over Christmas at all , but it is only truthful to admit that I wish I was at home with my husband and friends right now.

February - I've called the nice (but very tired sounding) lady at the LEA to find out if she has any news on the ABA funding.  Apparently the meeting to discuss this and other matters did happen last night but she hasn't been informed of the outcome yet.

March - I've had a stressful afternoon, the result of which has been a small but intense frenzy of overeating.  In the last four hours I've eaten one Domino's pizza (small), two mini Creme Eggs, one hot cross bun and approximately six billion biscuits that someone left behind at work.

April -  I think it's been a good weekend. I took Sam to my parent's house on Friday to meet his cousins, and although he wasn't what you would call good, he was a long way from the nightmare child he could have been.

May - Last night I had a dream. I dreamt that Sam had learned to speak, and was able to come out with whole sentences in a very piecemeal, broken down way.  Then I discovered that Sam wasn't in fact my child, he was my sister, Isabel's.

June - It's been a really busy weekend. It's just taken me an unprecidentededly (??) long time to catch up with my friends page, but I'm just not able to write off two days worth of LJ history and fall out of the loop. The world might end if I did, and I can't be responsible for that! 

July - Yesterday I took Sam to visit his old childminder, Flo. We haven't seen her since she went on maternity leave eight months ago, leaving Sam to be flung prematurely into the scary world of Daycare and Lots Of Normal Children.

August - Good morning! I didn't expect to sleep well today, but somehow I did.

September - I've been meaning to take a few days away from LJ recently but I can't seem to help myself - I can always dredge up some small and useless thought from somewhere and I always feel obliged to share it. 

October - So, this morning I went back to my GP.  I don't know if this is normal, but whenever I go to see anyone at my surgery I get a sense of being pushed out of the door as soon as possible with the minumum possible interaction, and in anticipation of this I was practically hyperventilating with stress by the time I eventually sat down in her office.

November - Sam's much better today, a fact he needed to share with me at 4.30 this morning by putting on his favourite Baby Enistein CD.  This has become a regular occurance.

December -  I started a post earlier about how my husband kindly allowed himself to be put at the risk of physical harm and probable death this morning by letting me drive the car with him in it.  He's a brave man.

So that's it! A year in the life of [personal profile] lady_mitzi, and wasn't it a riot?! Let's see what the year held for the rest of you...
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Sam doesn't like the sun. I do, but frankly Sam has been so bad tempered and irritable over the last couple of days with his pink cheeks and his faintly sweaty smell and his complete inability to stop whining and asking to be carried and entertained that I'd happily put a stop to this summer business entirely if it were in my power. 

Yesterday afternoon after posting my *neighbour rant* here I went to collect him from his ABA training session.  Apparently he'd been working very hard and had proved himself capable of matching photos to their corresponding objects (although he wasn't so consistently successful at matching the other way around), and of matching coloured blocks to the corresponding coloured paper, and of handing over his shoes on demand. By the time I arrived he was tired, hot and irritable, and he continued in that manner until he was finally allowed to go to bed. 

Between collecting Sam and the happy event of his bedtime, however, were four hours of cross, unhappy boy to get through, and I thought I'd spend some of them in taking him for a walk.  His team of therapists and I have been working hard at encouraging him to walk whenever possible with the aim of being able to function in the real world without a buggy one day, and over the last few days he's finally starting to express a preference for walking most of the time.  The problem with this is that if I go out without the buggy he'll doubless become quickly tired and demand to be carried (and he's HUGE! And HEAVY!!) and if I go out in the buggy he's harder to hold on to. *Foreshadow alert* From now on I shall never go out without putting his reigns on.  

Sam is obsessed with parking meters, letterboxes, flappy signs, holes in the wall, narrow ledges that can be walked upon, steps of any kind and running down hills, and when he gets the urge to persue any of these interests he tries to wiggle free.  He doesn't usually manage it, but on a couple of occasions yesterday he did.  He likes to run away from me while looking back over his shoulder and laughing as I chase him, shrieking "SAM! STOP!!!". To be fair I can see why that might be funny, but obviously I can't allow it to continue so I have put that behaviour on extinction.  I grabbed him both times and carried him back to the buggy I'd had to leave stranded in the course of my persuit and threw him back into it.  I completely ignored his whining protests, his sticky little hands on mine as he turned around and begged for attention, his eyes as they implored me.  I was so proud of myself as he calmed down and started singing happily to himself.  Until I noticed that I'd lost my bag. 

I had no idea when or where it had gone.  Worse case scenario - some opportunist had grabbed it when I'd flung it in the buggy and left it behind when I was chasing after Sam. Best case scenario - I'd left it in the supermarket.  Luckily I'd had the common idiocy to leave the house without my keys or my phone so I took Sam to my husband's workplace and left him there while I went back to the supermarket to see if it had been handed in.  It hadn't, so I spent the evening on the phone cancelling all my cards. 

And this morning a security guard from a local business called me and told me he'd found it.  And nothing was missing.  I'm thinking it might be a good way to not spend any money this week....there's always a positive side if you look hard enough!  The security guard, Adrian, told me with a smirk that he'd had to go through my bag to find identification, and here's what he would have found;

-  One pot filled with squares of bread (snack for Sam)
-  One pair of used socks (mine) 
-  One photo of neighbours on roof (as seen in previous post)
-  One million and one old receipts and bus tickets covered in random scribblings and calculations
-  One Autism Alert card
-  One phone recharger
-  One purse, complete with cards and small change
-  Lots of fluff
-  Two broken pens
-  A hairy hairbrush

Luckily I don't get embarrassed anymore. Thanks, Sam.


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