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This morning I'm going to a Parent's Council meeting set up by Am*ze, the local charity who support we poor, hardworking, overstressed special needs parents.  I was recommended to be part of this group by Lizzie, the wonderful woman who helped us with our DLA forms last year, as she thinks I have plenty to say about the issues at hand.  I'm not sure what the issues at hand *are*, let alone whether or not I have anything to say about them.  Still, it's nice to be *in on stuff* and I get a free lunch out of it.  (It's tempting to say, so there IS such a thing after all, but I think I'll wait and see what's expected of me first.)

Yesterday we took Sam to his new school for an hour, and he was FABULOUS.  He sat on his chair while the class teacher, Sandra, sang the register at each child in turn - "Sam is here, Sam is here, where is Sam, Sam is here....", etc.  Then he was taken off to play with a teaching assistant while R and I talked about Sam and his many, many issues to Sandra.  Then all the children came back for a story and a snack, and Sam did some more sitting on his chair WITHOUT RUNNING AWAY.  I was sitting just behind him and he did keep turning around to squeal into my eyeball, and he DID suddenly burst into a rousing rendition of "Old MacDonald Had A Farm" without any provocation, but all in all he was deemed to be a Very Good Boy. 

He was a very crappy boy for the rest of the day though, and he went to sleep within an hour of being put to bed (it's been more like two recently), so he must have been a very tired boy too.  He always gets a bit like this when he's readjusting to a new challenge, and he's visited the school three times in less than a week so he KNOWS something is up - we'll probably have a very tough time with him for the first few weeks of September.  However, he's been holding onto his photo of the front of the school all morning and looking at it happily so I think the transition will go well, overall.

I slept in a very odd position last night and this morning I have a very nasty pain in the neck, and it isn't even Sam.

Edit - The parent forum thing is tomorrow.  I turned up a whole day early.  Now I have nothing to do this morning but make soup for Sam, *yawns*.


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