Jun. 26th, 2008

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Thanks for all the commiserating comments about yesterday's failed attempt at becoming an Independent Person with Wheels and a License to Use Them.  They were appreciated.  Next time I shall be marvellous, and if any of you want a lift anywhere I'll be the person to ask from that moment on.  I have confidence in that, yes I do.  I am a Good Driver. (Positive thinking, I am fantastic, I can do ANYTHING, ET-bloody-C).

Did I tell you that Sam is now able to name (some of) his body parts?  He points at his mouth and says "MOW".  He points at a place quite close to one of his eyes and says "EYE".  He takes one ear in each hand, pulls them forward and says "EE-YA!".  It's so cute it makes me die.  Expect a video clip of this sure sign of brilliance imminently, just as soon as his stupid mother finally works out how to upload them onto her computer.

I'm feeling tired and deflated today.  I'm going to the Citizens Advice Bureau this afternoon and I'm only allowed to discuss one issue.  I'm not sure whether to focus on my rights as an employee and what to do with them or what benefits I can claim if I decide I can't deal with my job anymore. I'm sure it'll all become clear once I get there.  I should probably get going but I'm finding myself incapable of getting off this chair.


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