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For those who might be interested I have just posted a few pictures over in flickr ...

And, in other groundbreaking news, a New Years meme.  This is one I've seen around but I've just seen it over at [profile] iamcoldblue's journal so I'm specifically nicking it from him.  The idea is that you post the first sentence or two in your first (non meme) LJ entry for each month of the previous year, and mine goes something like this...

January - It's New Years Day at 00.04 and I'm at work.  I'm not complaining about that (much) because I didn't work over Christmas at all , but it is only truthful to admit that I wish I was at home with my husband and friends right now.

February - I've called the nice (but very tired sounding) lady at the LEA to find out if she has any news on the ABA funding.  Apparently the meeting to discuss this and other matters did happen last night but she hasn't been informed of the outcome yet.

March - I've had a stressful afternoon, the result of which has been a small but intense frenzy of overeating.  In the last four hours I've eaten one Domino's pizza (small), two mini Creme Eggs, one hot cross bun and approximately six billion biscuits that someone left behind at work.

April -  I think it's been a good weekend. I took Sam to my parent's house on Friday to meet his cousins, and although he wasn't what you would call good, he was a long way from the nightmare child he could have been.

May - Last night I had a dream. I dreamt that Sam had learned to speak, and was able to come out with whole sentences in a very piecemeal, broken down way.  Then I discovered that Sam wasn't in fact my child, he was my sister, Isabel's.

June - It's been a really busy weekend. It's just taken me an unprecidentededly (??) long time to catch up with my friends page, but I'm just not able to write off two days worth of LJ history and fall out of the loop. The world might end if I did, and I can't be responsible for that! 

July - Yesterday I took Sam to visit his old childminder, Flo. We haven't seen her since she went on maternity leave eight months ago, leaving Sam to be flung prematurely into the scary world of Daycare and Lots Of Normal Children.

August - Good morning! I didn't expect to sleep well today, but somehow I did.

September - I've been meaning to take a few days away from LJ recently but I can't seem to help myself - I can always dredge up some small and useless thought from somewhere and I always feel obliged to share it. 

October - So, this morning I went back to my GP.  I don't know if this is normal, but whenever I go to see anyone at my surgery I get a sense of being pushed out of the door as soon as possible with the minumum possible interaction, and in anticipation of this I was practically hyperventilating with stress by the time I eventually sat down in her office.

November - Sam's much better today, a fact he needed to share with me at 4.30 this morning by putting on his favourite Baby Enistein CD.  This has become a regular occurance.

December -  I started a post earlier about how my husband kindly allowed himself to be put at the risk of physical harm and probable death this morning by letting me drive the car with him in it.  He's a brave man.

So that's it! A year in the life of [personal profile] lady_mitzi, and wasn't it a riot?! Let's see what the year held for the rest of you...


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